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Monday, 25 April 2016


The Official Blog for What's Your Las Vegas!

With a launch date of the 2nd May, preparations are fully under way on our new website. Starting on the Monday 2nd May, I shall be adding content on a daily basis, and building up the website along the way.

How Did What's Your Las Vegas Come About?
As a teenager, I was first taken to Las Vegas by my parents. In time, I ventured out without them and brought my friends along with me. I knew I wanted to go and had an idea of where I wanted to stay, but wanted to find a website which gave me the basic information to help me make sure I had made the right decision.
After searching the internet, I found that there are lots of websites based around Las Vegas, and all very similar. I had a lot of information to read, and got a little confused in the process. It was then that I decided to create a NEW Las Vegas website!
With a full time job, I was unable to fulfil my desire of getting this project off the ground. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I was made redundant from my job, and spent the next few years trying different things - but to no avail. Something finally clicked inside me, so I decided to follow my dream!

So What is Different About This Website?
I have tried to create this website based on the information I was after when I was booking my Las Vegas trip. I wanted a quick and simple to use site, giving me the basic information on each hotel, with the choice to find out more if I desired.

How is the Website Set Out?
I have set the website out, starting with a basic description of the hotel complex itself, and a quick explanation on what to expect with the rooms. This quick description will help you decide to either find a different hotel, or continue to read on.
The next part of the page will show the basic amenities available in the hotel. Again, I though about putting ALL of the information on here, but decided against it. I have included a link if you wish to find out about them, but I personally only need to know the main amenities!
This is then followed by a quick and easy to read Expedia Rating. By the time you get down to this part of the page, you have probably thought that you want to stay at this hotel, but need a reassurance that other people recommend it. There is also a link to read the full reviews of others as well.
I then follow with a reason to why I would choose to stay in the Hotel. Although I am not an expert of Las Vegas, I have a fair idea of what is good or not! I have friends and family who travel out there constantly, and am always given feedback from them to help me make my mind up!
By this time, you will be at the bottom of the page, where you can click through to our affiliate and book your trip!

So This is an Affiliate Website?
Simple and quick answer - YES!

Will This Cost me More Money?
NO - being an affiliate website is how I make my money. It does not cost you a penny to book through this site, but because I have done the work for you, the affiliate pays me a small commission.

Can I Leave my Own Reviews?
As this website is based on a blog style, there is the option to add your own comments and reviews to each page, further enhancing everyones experience.

What Else does the Website Do?
Any question you have can be emailed to whatsyourlasvegas@gmail.com. I will always aim to answer anything within 24 hours for you.

So in a nut-shell, What's You Las Vegas is designed to take the hassle away from booking your Las Vegas trip. It will save you having to search different websites to find answers to your questions, and simplify the whole process for you.

What's Your Las Vegas - The Simple Way to Book Your Las Vegas Trip!

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