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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Tourism in Las Vegas - Part 1 | whatsyourlasvegas.com

Tourism in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Old Signs

Las Vegas Signage

Part 1 | Las Vegas Old Signs

**Old Neon Signs Las Vegas**

The Neon Museum and Boneyard in Las Vegas is a some-what forgotten piece of history in Las Vegas. This place showcases all of the Las Vegas old signs which have been removed from long-gone hotels and casinos through the years. There are more than 200 of these old neon signs on show, and gives you a very interesting and nostalgic look at the history of Vegas in one place.

Situated just north of Downtown Las Vegas near the Fremont Street Experience, the Neon Museum and Boneyard is easy to get to via a cab, but if you are located in Fremont Street and like a walk, it is around 1 mile (or 23 minutes) away from the Plaza Hotel and Casino.

You can see the Las Vegas old signs 7 days a week, from 10:00AM until 4:00PM, and 6:30PM until 8:30PM. The later hours are the most highly recommended, as the neon signs will all be illuminated, and make for that better experience. However, due to a lot of broken glass and rusty metal, they advise children up to the age of 12 visit during the daytime hours for safety reasons - but this is down to your discretion.

Prices for Day Tour
  • $18 General Admission
  • $12 Students / Nevada Residence / Senior Citizens / Veterans (with valid I.D)
  • $30 For Day Tour and Mob Museum Admission
Prices for Night Tour
  • $25 General Admission
  • $22 Students / Nevada Residence / Senior Citizens / Veterans (with valid I.D)
  • $35 For Day Tour and Mob Museum Admission
Due to the fact that all of these Las Vegas old signs are located outdoors, the tours are subject to cancellation if there is any inclement weather - although they rarely close due to rain. They will get you on the next available tour or refund your admission cost if your tour is cancelled for any reason.

What is the Neon Sign Museum?

Neon signs in Las Vegas were first introduced in 1929 at the Oasis Cafe on Fremont Street, and became a staple of Las Vegas, being placed on hotels and casinos up until the 1980's. These old signs were eventually taken over by LCD and LED lights which then became the "must-have" in Vegas.

Just over 20 years ago, a group of people decided to collect these old signs, and preserve them for people to enjoy. The Neon Museum was opened in 1996, and the city allocated the space in Downtown Las Vegas for the "boneyard". About 40% of the collection were donated by the people who preserved them, and has continued to grow since then. The signs are now given when old hotels are imploded, or have a re-design.

Most of the old signs of Las Vegas are situated in the Boneyard itself, and is home to some of the most famous signs of Vegas - including Caesars Palace and the Stardust - as well as over 200 more signs!
The whole Museum Campus is about two-acres of land, containing the Boneyard, the Neon Boneyard Park, and the Neon Boneyard North Gallery - which contains an additional 60 signs, including those from the New York New York and O'Shea's Casino.

Each tour is approximately 1 hour long, but the museum itself features 9 restored signs which can be viewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as public art. You can enjoy this on your own as a self-guided tour!

So Why Delay?

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and enjoy some of Las Vegas' history.

There is more to Las Vegas than just gambling, and this Neon Museum tour of the old signs of Las Vegas is just one of them. Find out more ideas of where you can go, and what else there is around by checking out this great book now:

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