About What's Your Las Vegas

About What's Your Las Vegas

About Who We Are

Hello, and welcome to the About What's Your Las Vegas page. On this page you will find out why you should use our website, and a bit about the person behind it.

So let's start with who we are, or more to the point: Who I am!

My name is Gary Evans, and I am the founder of whatsyourlasvegas.com. I also run an Affordable Website Design business called Quillations which is based in Dunstable, Bedfordshire.

I was born and raised in Luton, and was lucky enough to have parents who could afford to take me to many European countries when I was younger. It was when I was in double figures, that I first went to Las Vegas.

My first experience of Vegas was great! I loved the place so much, that I could not wait to travel there again. I went several times before I turned 21, when funnily enough I stopped going! Why? Because I suddenly found myself with "responisbilities"!

My first "proper" job was washing dishes in a small cafe in my local town. I had to try and save as much money as possible to go back to Vegas, so I didn't mind doing anything which will help. Eventually I got a customer services job, which started my career path.

I moved up the ranks in a magazine wholesale company, where I finished an Allocations Executive based in London. From there, I changed jobs to move closer to home and my children. It was then in 2012 when I became Self Employed, and started a website design company called Quillations.

About Whats Your Las Vegas The Venetian Hotel

About What's Your Las Vegas - The Website

I started the website many years ago, using an "out of the box" website builder. The design was poor, as I was limited in what I can do. It served a purpose, but was not my best work!

After several years of experimenting and building up my affiliations, (more about this later), I have finally got a design I am happy with, and is a great experience for my visitors.

The idea for the website came from my many trips to Las Vegas. I loved the place, and would always tell friend and family that they should go there. However, I was always faced with a definate "NO, I DON'T LIKE GAMBLING", or "I CANNOT BRING MY KIDS WITH ME, SO WHY SHOULD I GO?".

I found that I was forever saying to people that Vegas is what YOU make it! Children can go, and you don't have to gamble! There is a serious mis-conception about Las Vegas, which I am trying to put right. And this website is how I am trying to do it!

On this site, you will find many different Blog Posts about all things Las Vegas, and reasons to help you decide that it is actually a place to visit. If I can convince just 1 person to go, then my work is done!

About What's Your Las Vegas Affiliate Links

Our website earns money through Affiliate Links. Basically speaking, we are sending out visitors to external websites to book their flights and hotels. Does this affect you? No, not really! The only reason it will affect you, is that the websites we send you to are some of the best at finding you the best prices online!

Each affiliate link you click on and book through, earns me a commission. That commission helps me to keep my website running, and gives me a wage at the end of the month. It costs you nothing extra, but helps SAVE you money.

Our Affiliate Partners are as follows:

These affiliates search hundreds of flight and hotel, shows and tours prices to help save you money.

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